The Masked Singer final to include special group performance with all 12 characters (2023)

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They will perform a track from The Greatest Showman

Author: Alex RossPublished 13th Feb 2020
Last updated 13th Feb 2020

For the last seven weeks viewers have been hooked on ITV's hit new series The Masked Singer, with the final set to take place on Saturday 15th February!

Viewers have been guessing for weeks which celebrities are behind the masks of Queen Bee, Hedgehog and Octopus, with host Joel Dommett even admitting the studio audience were left 'very angry' during the final reveal.

Now, with excitement building ahead of the final, ITV have revealed all 12 characters from series one will reunite for a special group performance, singing 'The Greatest Show' from 2017 movie The Greatest Showman.

Meanwhile, Queen Bee, Hedgehog and Octopus will battle it out in the final to win series one at the weekend, with a lot of different names being thrown into the rumour mill.

Whilst the majority of viewers think Queen Bee is Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts, other guesses include Little Mix girls Jesy Nelson and Jade Thirlwall, and X Factor star Cher Lloyd.

Denise van Outen, who was unmasked as the Fox last weekend, revealed she thinks Hedgehog could be actor Luke Evans, but Micheal Ball, Russell Watson and Jason Manford are also popular guesses.

And despite Charlotte Church denying reports she is the Octopus, fans are convinced it's the Welsh singer.

Check out all of the final clues ahead of the final on Saturday:

The Masked Singer UK

Queen Bee - Nicola Roberts

Queen Bee won the first ever UK series of The Masked Singer after an incredible performance of 'Somebody Else's Guy' by Jocelyn Brown in the first round of the final and 'Someone You Loved' by Lewis Capaldi in the second.

In her VT, Queen Bee said that being in this competition had felt like she was "right back where it all began" as it was a singing competition that "launched her career" - a nod to Nicola's time on Popstars: The Rivals. She added that she was looking through "Cinderella's eyes", which was a reference to the name of her debut solo album.

Queen Bee

Queen Bee performed an incredible rendition of 'Alive' by Sia in Episode 1, sailing through to the next round on the audience vote against Duck.

Her clues were that she was a "wild card" and a "rule breaker," that she was "quite young" when she started out in her career, but that she's now "grown up". In her VT, she said, "I'm no longer a princess - I'm a queen." She also said, "Out of all of my friends, I am the joker of the pack," and, "Roll out the red carpet, because tonight I'm going to have a ball."

Queen Bee

Queen Bee appeared to have a Merseyside accent in the VT, and an American accent after her performance, but judge Davina McCall said on This Morning that the contestants have been hiding their true accents.

The judges guessed that it might be Charli XCX, Kylie Minogue, Margot Robbie and Emilia Clarke - but fans online are thinking it could either be Charlotte Church, Billie Piper or Nicola Roberts. After Charlotte shut down the claims it was her, viewers are thinking it could be former Girls Aloud star Nicola, who was brought in as the 'wild card' in Popstars: The Rivals and was just a teenager when she auditioned for the show. She's also from Runcorn in Cheshire.

In episode three, Queen Bee sang 'Someone You Loved' by Lewis Capaldi, and gave some extra clues in a second VT, telling the audience that the panel aren't close to guessing her true identity at all. She said she gets a "buzz" from helping other people, and said it was nice to be able to use her voice for good. Queen Bee added that people thinks she's "shy" but that she's not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, and that she's been able to make a "real change". She was then seen drumming, which could be a reference to Nicola's single 'Beat of my Drum', and said that she's a lawmaker.

After her beautiful performance, Queen Bee gave one truth and two lies: "I'm under 30"; "I'm well-known in the fashion circles"; and "I'm not known for singing on stage." The judges then guessed Lady Victoria Hervey, Nadine Coyle, Amal Clooney and Jesy Nelson.

Queen Bee

Queen Bee blasted out a wonderful version of 'Girl on Fire' by Alicia Keys in Episode 5 for her clue song. In her VT, Queen Bee told us she's naturally shy, but that her career was launched after winning a contest. Revealing she was "thrown in at the deep end," Queen Bee then said she was soon centre stage at some big venues, adding that "these wings are made to fly" - which could have been a clue towards Little Mix as that's a lyric from their song 'Wings'. The judges guessed Jade Thirlwall, Nadine Coyle, Nicola Roberts and Shirley Bassey.

Queen Bee

Queen Bee wowed the panel by singing 'Heaven' by Bryan Adams including a mash-up of the DJ remix. The clues in her VT were that she's been the victim of horrible comments, and that she did things to try and change her appearance. She said she's now comfortable in her own skin, saying that "a woman like me" has the power to look however they want, which many noted as being a reference to Little Mix's song 'Woman Like Me'.

After doing a bit of snooping in Queen Bee's dressing room, a rider was discovered with things like cumin, honey and water on it - leading the panel to be convinced that it's a professional singer behind the mask. They then guessed Ellie Goulding, Princess Beatrice, Jesy Nelson and Jade Thirlwall.

Queen Bee

Queen Bee sailed through to the first round of the semi-final after performing 'Greatest Love Of All' by Whitney Houston, and in her VT said she would do "anything to Heidi my real identity". There were then loads of links to France and the French language, with Queen Bee saying that she'd "found my joie de vivre", speaking about "Marie Antoinette" and saying that she feels like France is her real home. But she then admitted that "French isn't a language I speak," - with many thinking this was a hint towards Nicola Roberts, and the Girls Aloud song 'Can't Speak French'. She then added, "I hope I can make you go Ooh La La with my performance tonight." The panel guessed Princess Beatrice, Cardi B, Jesy Nelson and Jodie Comer.

After singing her second song, 'Work It Out' by Beyoncé, the panel were allowed to ask one question - choosing to ask whether she was a Geordie. She answered, "Whey no man," as a joke on the classic Newcastle phrase "whey aye man". However, this didn't help the panel, as they thought it could be a double bluff. They then guessed Nicola Roberts, Jodie Comer, Jesy Nelson and Nadine Coyle.

Hedgehog - Jason Manford

Hedgehog was unmasked as Jason Manford in the final where he came second to Queen Bee! His first song was 'Cry Me A River' by Michael Bublé, and his second was 'Black Magic' by Little Mix.

In his VT, Hedgehog told us that there'd always been the question on the show of what his main career is, but added that he classes himself as an 'entertainer'. He said that as he faced the final curtain, he hoped he wouldn't get 'cold feet' - a misdirection as Davina had guessed Cold Feet star John Thompson.

Hedghog added that he'd like a holiday, then held a postcard of Scarborough - a nod to Jason's role on TV show Scarborough. Rita correctly guessed Jason Manford, with others guessing Eddie Izzard, Michael Ball and John Thompson.


Hedgehog stunned the crowds by singing 'Black Magic' by Little Mix in Episode 1. His clues were that he's "posh", he's "most active at night," happiest on stage and more introverted than you might expect. He said he had a job where he "dies at 8.30 every night" - a nod to Jason's time playing Pirelli in Sweeney Todd.

Judges were convinced it was a comedian due to the way he held his microphone, and guessed Jack Whitehall, Eddie Izzard, David Thewlis and Sir Ian McKellen. Whilst viewers online agreed with the Jack Whitehall suggestion, many also think it could be Joe Lycett, and others have suggested Jason Manford as he previously performed in Sweeney Todd where his character died every night.


In Episode 3, Hedgehog gave some extra clues - saying he likes being part of a team, that he finds himself alone on stage but that he likes to be part of an ensemble. He then showed us a can of hairspray, which led Davina to think it could be Michael Ball, who performed in the stage show of Hairspray, and the Phantom of the Opera mask, adding that he wants to have a "ball".

Singing 'Shine' by Take That, Hedgehog then gave two lies and a truth - saying that he sometimes wears high heels on stage, he once worked at a major fast food restaurant and that his daughter is more famous than him. The judges guessed Eddie Izzard, Michael Crawford, Michael Ball and Jason Manford.


Hedgehog blew us all away with a completely different style in Episode 5, singing 'Don't Look Back In Anger' by Oasis for his clue song. In his VT, Hedgehog said he didn't imagine he'd ever be a performer, adding that he's "just a normal guy." He said that he stops and thinks to himself, 'Who do you think you aria?', which could be a clue towards opera.

He hinted that he's been at the Royal Variety Performance, and that he's looked up to people as heroes - holding up a picture of Billy Connolly and showing a ball with the name Michael on i.e Michael Ball. He said one of his favourites was: 'This wasn't cheap mind, it cost me a tenner.' The judges wondered whether this was a play on the word tenor. Hedgehog says he sang eight times a week, and can't believe the places his career has taken him. The judges guessed Shane Richie, Rufus Hound, Michael Ball and Alfie Boe. However, singer Russell Watson shared a photo of a hedgehog on his Twitter profile, with many wondering whether this is a clue that he's really the Hedgehog!


Hedgehog sang 'I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)' in Episode 6. In his VT, Hedgehog said that his last performance shows he has "another string to his bow", which some wondered could be a clue towards Alfie Boe. He said that music and singing was very important in his house growing up, and that his Nanna taught all the children to play instruments before the family then played in a band together, playing "all the pubs and clubs".

He then ended by saying, "Let's see what's coming up on tonight's show," which could be a clue that he's a TV presenter. When snooping in his dressing room, Hedgehog said that his post-show drink is Irish stout. The panel then guessed John Bishop, Brian McFadden, Shane Lynch and Phillip Schofield.


In the semi-final, Hedgehog gave a heartwarming performance of 'Chandelier' by Sia. In the VT, Hedgehog said that sometimes it's difficult to find your way whilst using a map, adding that there are times when you can feel lost and "times you want to curl up into a ball". He then said that work takes him from venue to venue, adding that one night he could be playing to an intimate audience, and the next to 12,000 people. He said that he's enjoyed being on the show because his costume hides the dad dancing, adding that he's a bit like David Brent on the dance floor - so he could he have been on The Office or Extras? The panel guessed Bradley Walsh, Mackenzie Crook, Michael Ball and John Thompson.

On his second go, Hedgehog sang 'My Way' by Frank Sinatra, and for the question by the panel, they asked him to tell them a joke to confirm whether he really is a comedian or not. He said, "Why did the Hedgehog cross the road? To see his flatmate!" The panel then guessed Jason Manford, Eddie Izzard, Michael Ball and John Thompson.

Octopus - Katherine Jenkins

Octopus gave us an incredibly energetic rendition of 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' from Mary Poppins in the final, and came third in the competition where she was revealed to be Katherine Jenkins!

In her VT, Octopus gave us the clues that she was a mum, but that eight arms aren't enough to count all of her achievements. She said she pipped some of her musical heroes to the post whilst holding a poster of the Spice Girls, which is a reference to her album 'Rejoice' charting higher than their Greatest Hits album. Rita was pleased to have guessed Katherine correctly!

Katherine confirmed that she was once in Emmerdale, explaining that she'd had a cameo singing 'Time To Say Goodbye' at a village fair. She masked her Welsh accent as she thought it would give it away, and added that her husband is American. Katherine chose to be the Octopus because her daughter loves Blue Planet and Little Mermaid, as well as the colours pink and purple, so she felt like she was singing to her. The Jason Donovan reference was about when they sang together as guests on The X Factor final in 2007, and the clue about 'bringing the house down' referred to when Katherine shattered a chandelier with just her voice!


Octopus moved Davina to tears with her rendition of 'Part Of Your World' from The Little Mermaid in Episode 2. A big fan-favourite, Octopus' clues were that she has experience on the runway, looks up to Naomi Campbell, and wants to be a "role model" to children. She said she's "bubbly, always on the go" and also loves weight training.

Whilst the judges all guessed Cara Delevingne, Jodie Kidd, Tyra Banks and Nicole Scherzinger, many online then wondered whether Octopus could actually be Courtney Act, the drag queen persona of Shane Jenek.


In Episode 4, Octopus sang 'Splish Splash' by Bobby Darin. She gave the clues that she never considered that something she loved could be her job, adding that whilst she's "always learning," she's "certainly no apprentice" - leading the audience and judges to wonder whether she could have been on The Apprentice.

She then said, "To get ahead in this game, you need to have a plan," and was then given a bill for £1 million before saying, "I mean business." Showing us a photo of Jason Donovan, she then told us that she'd agreed on a record-breaking deal. Her two lies and one truth were that she was discovered on a cruise ship, that she's used an accent coach to prepare for the show and that she made her first million in the cosmetics industry.

The judges guessed Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Kylie Minogue and Holly Willoughby. Sadly, Octopus was in the bottom two against Tree, but after a stellar performance of 'One Last Time' by Ariana Grande, she was saved for the next episode.


Octopus still had everyone confused by her identity when she performed 'Diamonds Are Forever' by Shirley Bassey for her clue song in Episode 5. Her clues were a London travel guide book, that she doesn't always spend time in her natural habitat and that it's a good job she has wellies.

She then said they're perfect for all kinds of places - the beach, the Dales and in the city. This caused the panel to wonder whether it was someone from Emmerdale. After teasing that she'd been in the I'm A Celeb! jungle, Donny revealed he thought it was a British person trying to do an American accent. The judges guessed that Octopus could be Gemma Arterton, Charlotte Church, Myleene Klass and Gemma Atkinson.


Singing a beautifully moving rendition of 'I'll Never Love Again' from A Star Is Born, we found out that Octopus is a vegan when snooping around her dressing room.

In her VT, Octopus drew attention to her American accent, saying that she's "always told the truth, but I'm also here to play the game, have fun and keep my mask on," adding, "Maybe that's my British sense of humour coming through." She said that her job takes her to many places - even back in time, causing the judges to wonder whether she'd been in Doctor Who. She said she often speaks in Russian, Italian, German, Spanish, Welsh, Latin or Mandarin. The panel guessed that it could be Sheree Murphy.


Octopus gave an incredible performance of 'Somewhere' from West Side Story in the semi-final. In her VT, she said that she's performed for all sorts - from pensioners to royalty, that she loves nothing better than songs of joy and that there's nothing like the sound of a choir in a beautiful choral venue. She then added that her voice has been known to "bring the house down, literally." The panel then guessed Katherine Jenkins, Sheree Murphy, Kym Marsh and Charlotte Church.

For her second song, Octopus sang 'Vogue' by Madonna, and the panel asked whether she was a model. She answered, " I dipped a tentacle in, but it wasn't for me." The panel stuck with their earlier guesses.

Monster - CeeLo Green

Monster went through to the second round of the semi-final, singing 'Do You Really Want To Hurt Me' by Culture Club. In his first VT, he said that he loves to dress up and look good, because he's "all about the showmanship", adding that "costumes aren't just for Halloween but I've been linked to vampires and mummies". The panel guessed Tom Cruise, Flavor Flav, Kevin Hart and Cee Lo Green.

For his second song, Monster sang 'Careless Whisper' by George Michael, and the panel were allowed to ask one question. Ken jumped up to ask if he really was CeeLo, to which Monster sang, 'I think you're crazy!' from CeeLo's big hit. Their second guesses were Andre 3000, Jack Black, Will I Am and CeeLo... And it was, of course, CeeLo Green!


Monster took on 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams for his anonymous performance in Episode 2, and went through to the next round. His clues were that he's "feasted on a lot of awards," is "bright and bold with a big personality," and that his hero is Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet.

The judges thought it could be Cee-Lo Green, Jamie Foxx, Andre 3000, LL Cool J and Elton John, and viewers agree that it could be CeeLo Green after someone noticed that his hometown on the VT was 'Elsewhere', and CeeLo had an album called 'St. Elsewhere' in his band Gnarles Barkley. He also has a song called 'Bright Lights Bigger City'.


In episode 4, Monster sang a beautiful rendition of 'Can't Help Falling in Love' by Elvis Presley - but the performance was slightly odd considering he seemed to be serenading a cuddly toy mouse the whole time! However, this could be a big clue to CeeLo Green, who performed with DJ Danger Mouse in his group Gnarles Barkley.

His clues were that he's always tried to be a "bit of a showman", that life in the spotlight means you make your "own reality" and that you can create characters for your own story. He said as a child he was a huge bookworm, and that he'd loved rock and roll and played bass guitar. He was inspired by glam rock and likes to do his own thing.

His two lies and one truth were that he has an identical twin, that he had a monster hit with Calvin Harris and that he IS in fact, CeeLo Green! Davina was convinced that it was a double bluff, meaning it really is CeeLo. The other judges guessed Nile Rodgers, Noel Fielding and Jack Black.


Monster gave us an incredible rendition of 'Don't Cha' by The Pussycat Dolls in Episode 5 for his clue song - but guest judge Donny Osmond, filling in for Ken, thought Monster might be a woman! Fans are now totally convinced that Monster is CeeLo, who co-wrote the song for the Pussycat Dolls and also produced it.

His other clues were that he was once a "giant", that he came from a big family where music was always a part of his life, and that a relative encouraged his musical talent after hearing him sing in the shower! He also revealed that he has children and grandchildren. The judges guessed CeeLo Green, Rag 'n' Bone Man, Angela Bassett and Sheila Ferguson.


Monster was determined to throw the judges and viewers at home off the scent, and chose to sing 'Human' by Rag'n'Bone Man, after hinting in his VT that "at the end of the day, we're all human." He added that he has a sense of humour and likes making people happy.

When snooping in his dressing room, we saw that Monster received a call from Kermit The Frog, to which Rita said she was sure CeeLo Green had dressed up as Kermit before! It turns out they've sang together on the TV. The panel guessed Tom Jones, Anthony Anderson, Will.I.Am and CeeLo Green.

Fox - Denise Van Outen

Fox gave an incredible rendition of 'Holding Out For A Hero' by Bonnie Tyler in the semi-final. In her VT, she told us she was "not going to spill the tea just yet," and added that it was "time to take a swing into this week," whilst playing golf. The panel guessed Denise Van Outen, Martine McCutcheon, Elaine Page and Tamzin Outhwaite, and after Fox came last in the audience vote, it was revealed to be Denise!


Fox performed 'Call Me' by Blondie in Episode 2, and the audience and judges were wowed by her vivacity and all her moves. Fox's clues were that she's "street smart, nosy and vocal", and is often found in the East End of London. Her other clue was that she's collected teapots for 30 years.

The judges guessed that it could be Kerry Katona, Sam Fox, Helen Mirren and Joanna Lumley, and viewers agreed with the Sam Fox suggestion, also throwing Denise Van Outen into the mix after one eagle-eyed fan dug out an old tweet of hers that says she collects teapots.


In episode 4, Fox sang 'On The Radio' Donna Summer. Fans are now convinced that Fox is Denise Van Outen, after she revealed her clues. She tap danced, then said she could "fox trot" with the best of them - which could just be a reference to fox, but could also be a reference to Strictly Come Dancing... Which Denise was on! She waved a US flag and said she's "broken records".

Her two lies and one truth were firstly that she has an "award-winning body" - which could be a clue to Denise winning both Rear of the Year and 'most-desired' bikini body. Secondly, Fox said that she's been on tour with The Rolling Stones, and finally that she was one of the first stars of reality TV. The judges guessed Catherine Zeta-Jones, Arlene Phillips, Tamzin Outhwaite and Kim Wilde.


Fox gave us a totally different performance in Episode 5, singing 'On My Own' from the music Les Misérables for her clue song. Fans of the show are pretty sure Fox is Denise Van Outen now, as she once starred as Eponine at school in the show, the character who sings that song.

Her clues were that clothes have always played a big part in her life, that she loves dressing up for a night out with "the girls" and that she's always the last on the dancefloor. Adding that she used to be a model, Fox said it was a "broken heel" that led her to her big break. She also hinted that she's a designer, and the judges guessed Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Denise Van Outen, Matt Lucas and Liz McClarnon.


In the sixth episode, Fox gave us an incredible rendition of 'Firework' by Katy Perry. In her VT, her clues were that she's "never been one to shy away from the spotlight," that she got into show business very young, that she's now a mum and that she's been to Coachella. In the snoop around her dressing room, we were shown a 'Good Luck' card from 'ALW' - which the audience pointed out could be Andrew Lloyd Webber. The panel guessed Denise Van Outen, Sara Cox, Billie Piper and Louise Redknapp. Although Fox found herself in the bottom two with Unicorn, the panel chose to save her and she continued to the next episode.

Unicorn - Jake Shears

Unicorn found himself in the bottom two against Fox in Episode 6, and when the judges chose to save his opponent, Unicorn was unmasked as Jake Shears, lead singer of the Scissor Sisters!

His clues from the VT were that he always liked playing dress-up, saying that "without dressing up, life would be a real drag", and the camera showed some red boots from his time in the stage show Kinky Boots. He told us that a friend once closed down a store and bought him the whole collection (Elton John), and that Ozzy Osbourne once saw him naked - something he later revealed happened at Elton John's stag party. When snooping, Unicorn told us that Cher once contacted him on Twitter to get his phone number. The panel guessed Courtney Act, Matthew Morrison, Jake Shears and Jack Osbourne.


Unicorn gave an incredible rendition of 'Babooshka' by Kate Bush in Episode 1, sailing through to the next round against Butterfly. Unicorn's clues were that they are a "show pony" who has "always stood out from the crowd," and the final clue was, "When I was a child, I used to go on holiday on a private plane."

The judges' guesses were John Barrowman, Adam Lambert, Louie Spence and JC Chasez. Whilst many online viewers agree it could be John Barrowman, others are throwing Scissor Sisters singer Jake Shears into the mix.


In Episode 3, Unicorn's VT revealed some more clues - saying he "likes attention" and commented that Jonathan's guess of John Barrowman was "faaabulous" - John's famous catchphrase. Unicorn said he grew up on a small island, and then held one big apple and one small, suggesting that he moved to New York. He said he's "always been theatrical" and "tap danced his way through school", and that seeing his name in lights was a "dream come true". He said there's something on stage that feels "magic", before giving an incredible performance of 'Juice' by Lizzo.

When asked his one truth and two lies, Unicorn said, "Pineapple is my favourite food," then "My girlfriend is very famous," and finally, "Acting changed my life." The judges' guesses were Peter Andre, Matthew Morrison, Frankie Grande and Neil Patrick Harris.


In Episode 5, Unicorn sang 'Sharp Dressed Man' by ZZ Top for his clue song. In his VT, Unicorn gave the clues that performing is a passion of his, but another passion is to write - preferring fantasy and horror. He said this is why he was the Unicorn; a fantastical beast, and added that big names have used his writing.

He said Sarah Jessica Parker had used his words, which brought him some Glee. Fans of the show will remember that she starred on the show as Isabelle Wright, and sang 'Let's Have a Kiki' by the Scissor Sisters... Even more proof that Unicorn is Jake Shears! The judges then guessed John Barrowman, Matthew Morrison, Zac Efron and Jake Shears.

Duck - Skin

Duck was unmasked as Skunk Anansie singer Skin in Episode 6, after singing 'My Heart Will Go On' by Celine Dion from Titanic. In her VT, Skin said that she'd "always felt like the ugly duckling" as her siblings were beautiful, but she's embraced herself as she is. She added that she'd inspired some of the biggest names in fashion, with one designer even calling her their muse.

When snooping in her dressing room backstage, we were shown a postcard from Tibet from the Dalai Lama, and the panel guessed Winnie Harlow, Poppy Delevingne, Heidi Klum and Skin.


Duck performed 'Like A Virgin' by Madonna in the first episode, going up against Queen Bee but falling into the bottom three when she lost the audience vote. Thankfully, she was saved by the judges.

Duck's clues were that she's a "real softy," has "always been sporty," used to be a long-distance runner and said, "You might even catch me surfing from time to time." The judges thought it could be Mel C, Paula Radcliffe, Melanie Blatt and Dame Kelly Holmes - and most of the online viewers seem to agree with the idea of Kelly.


In Episode 3, Duck alluded to German and Italian links, and said that 850,000 people once sang Happy Birthday to her as well as being able to sing Happy Birthday to a true legend herself. After singing 'Livin' On A Prayer' by Bon Jovie, Duck gave her one truth and two lies: "I used to do gigs with David Bowie," then "I was part of a famous girl band," and finally "I have two adult children.

The judges then guessed Mel C, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Chrissy Teigen. Sadly, Duck was in the bottom two with Chameleon, but was saved by the judges after giving a stellar performance of 'Ave Maria' by Schubert.


Duck sang 'Blinded by Your Grace, Pt. 2' by Stormzy for her clue song in Episode 5. In her VT, Duck told us that what she does is a "labour" of love and that she's very "liberal" - pointing to a political career, adding that she uses her voice to help others whilst holding a sign which read 'Arts for everyone'.

She then stood in front of The Globe, saying that music and arts have been a "lifeline" and that seeing Judi Dench perform when she was a child inspired her to be interested in Shakespeare. She said it was "nice to be inspired by strong women", and the judges guessed Mel C, Diane Abbott, Claire Danes and Maya Jama.

Daisy - Kelis

Daisy was unmasked as superstar singer Kelis in Episode 5 after she found herself in the bottom two against Monster. She sang 'Unforgettable' by Nat King Cole for her clue song, but unfortunately wasn't able to beat Monster!

Her final clues in this episode were that "food and music had always gone hand in hand" in her life, referencing her dad's taste in music - who was a musician in his own right.


Daisy sang her heart out to 'Can't Feel My Face' by The Weeknd in the second episode. Her clues were that she's planning to stay in the UK for a "long time," she has a "bright" personality and that she likes fishing.

The judges' guesses were Lindsay Lohan, Beverley Knight, Meghan Markle and Lulu, but many people online have been questioning whether it could be Kelis.


In Episode 4, Daisy sang Bonnie Raitt's 'I Can't Make You Love Me', and when giving her clues said she was sure that Rita would figure her out. Standing in a milkshake bar, fans online became convinced that it really was Kelis behind the mask, famous for her huge hit 'Milkshake'.

Daisy added that food has been a big part of her life, and Kelis is a chef! She then skipped past a mini Eiffel Tower and some onions, hinting towards a connection with France. Her two lies one truth were that she put her arm in an Australian hellhole, her favourite sport growing up was ice hockey and that she's performed at Glastonbury. The judges guessed Kelis, Mary J. Blige, Fleur East and Kate Hudson.

Tree - Teddy Sheringham MBE

Tree was unmasked in Episode 4, and was revealed to be none other than footballing legend Teddy Sheringham MBE! The former Manchester United player was in the bottom two with Octopus after singing 'Lovely Day' by Bill Withers earlier in the show and 'Evergreen' by Westlife as his bottom two song.

His clues in Episode 4 were that he's "used to withstanding pressure", adding that "trees might stand solo, but they're part of a forest," which was a hint towards his time at Nottingham Forest. He also gave one truth and a lie - firstly that his biggest regret was not catching a ball, secondly that Kevin Keegan once called his playing style wooden and thirdly that people always want to speak to him about one particular moment.

Although the judges came close with their guesses of Peter Shilton, David Seaman, John Terry, Peter Crouch and Jamie Redknapp, they didn't come quite close enough and Teddy managed to keep his identity a secret!

Tree - Teddy Sheringham

Tree gave an incredible performance in the second episode of 'It Must Be Love' by Madness. His clues were that he's a former footballer who wasn't "pitch perfect" but was giving it a "shot" and it was his "goal" to win the show. He said that he'd "played in front of big crowds before," and added that he was doing this for his kids.

The judges' guesses were Peter Crouch, Chris Kamara, Alan Shearer and David Beckham, and viewers online also threw Jamie Redknapp's name into the mix.

Chameleon - Justin Hawkins

In an unmasking that literally NO-ONE saw coming, Chameleon was revealed to be Justin Hawkins, lead singer of rock band The Darkness - best known for their song 'I Believe in a Thing Called Love'. After their flirtatious back-and-forth, Rita was left a little sheepish once she came face-to-face with the man himself!

Chameleon wowed the judging panel with his rendition of 'Creep' by Radiohead in the first round. The first lot of clues were that he had "many talents," they used to be a "dazzling urban act" and that they're "more used to the tech of the '70s", adding that he "once provided the voice of a children's cartoon character." The judges guessed that it could be Idris Elba, Nigel Havers, Reggie Yates and Chiwetel Ejiofor, whilst viewers online think it could be Alexander Armstrong.

Chameleon - Justin Hawkins

In the second round, Chameleon performed 'Feel It Still' by Portugal. The Man, and gave us some more clues... Telling us he wanted to "rock" the competition, and that someone once said his performance was "first class", but that the same couldn't have been said for his behaviour - saying, "I spent a lot of money on some very silly things". This was a reference to Justin's £150,000 party habit. He said he picked up three awards in the same event, talking about when The Darkness won three BRIT Awards at the ceremony in 2004.

Chameleon was then invited to give the panel one truth and a lie, saying firstly, "In my job, it's normal for me to become wet," secondly, "I once won three BAFTA Awards," and thirdly, "It's not unusual for me to wear tight trousers." The panel then guessed Anthony Joshua, Richard Blackwood, Tom Daly and Jason Statham, and when Chameleon went up against Duck in the sing-off, crooning 'True Colours' by Cyndi Lauper, he was chosen to be unmasked and out of the competition.

Pharaoh - Alan Johnson

Alan's clues were that he used to "see the Queen on a daily basis" and that his job was also a piece of furniture.

Pharaoh - Alan Johnson

Former Home Secretary Alan Johnson was unmasked as the Pharaoh after he performed 'Walk Like An Egyptian' by The Bangles in Episode 2.

Butterfly - Patsy Palmer

Ex-EastEnders star Patsy was revealed to be Butterfly in Episode 1 after singing 'You've Got The Love'.

Butterfly - Patsy Palmer

Her clues were that she'd taken a career change to become a DJ, had moved away from the UK to somewhere that was now in danger - Malibu - and also that her wedding was watched by millions, meaning her character Bianca's wedding to Ricky on EastEnders.

The Masked Singer concept first originated in South Korea back in 2015, with a show called King of Mask Singer.

The show then moved over to America, before becoming a huge hit with viewers in the UK when it hit our screens in January 2020.

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